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Hi Gang!!

First, we want to thank-you for your INCREDIBLE support for LEGIONPALOOZA!!

Second, On Monday, we will introduce the Legion's response to all the Villains running around! You gotta know who's on the mission with ya!!

Third, When you see the Question Mark it means check it out for announcements, updates or specials!!

Always check the Coming Soon Section, its the best place to see what's NEW with PinForce. We will continue to drop "sneak peeks" images on Monday and Friday! It sure makes my week go by fast knowing those are going up for the fans. So keep checking the page! You never know what/who might show up! As of right now over 80 Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Villains, and Surprises are done and waiting for release!!

We would LOVE to hear YOUR suggestions!! Drop us a line!!

Again, we ask you, our PinBassadors to keep spreading the word about us! We truly do need help in this area!

Thank you ALL for your continued, incredible support.