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DC Comics Classics LEGIONPALOOZA Oct 21-31 Series 3 Group purchase


LEGIONPALOOZA is HERE!!! Between now and October 31st the greatest Villains in the future assemble to take over PinForce till Halloween!! Series 3 is now available on Oct 20th! It features the third 11 Villains to make their way into the HQ! Each pin is available to purchase individually but you can get all 10 at once on Oct 11th.  EVERYONE who purchases the entire collection (All 31 Pins) will receive the Legion of Super Villains Logo pin for free in their last order. All series 3 orders ship immediately! 

The Legion of Super Villains logo pin will ship with order if you have purchased the first 2 assortments. 

On October 30th the Legion will have a response to the LOSV…Stay tuned!!!