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RetroHeroes™ Classic SERIES 2 Collection 6 pin set #375


Continuing the RETROHEROES™ line-up!!! A salute to the heroes of a bygone era!! Done in our classic style so they can line up with ALL the other heroes we produce for other lines. The Second 6 in a line we hope to be 100's of characters deep!!

Series 2 includes Black Terror on May18, Wildfire on May 28th, The Clown on June 8th, Bulletman on June 18th, Unknown Soldier on June 28th and Mad Hatter on July 8th! OR you can buy them ALL at once, right now, for a discounted price of $49.95!! You get 1 character free!!!! Start your collection today!! Comes on the Series 2 Collectors backercard!!

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All RetroHeroes are considered to be Public Domain!